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As the leading FinTech innovator in mortgage applications for 2018, Dashly is set to revolutionise the mortgage market by saving mortgage holders money through 24/7, automated deal comparison, increased personalisation of mortgage deal offers, and greater transparency for homeowners in a chaotic mortgage market.

With a simple, one-time setup and zero-management system, Dashly’s mortgage holders simply wait for the app to find a deal that can save them hundreds – even thousands – of pounds in a year. Essential to Dashly’s structure is that deals are only delivered if real savings are available – accounting for hidden bank fees and other switching-related expenses. The process of adding mortgage details and switching mortgage deals is painless with streamlined and innovative in-app user design and real, in-house brokers and mortgage experts.

Dashly improves mortgage holders’ lives by bringing transparency, information, and financial options to users at any stage of mortgage experience. Rather than endless confusion in broker’s offices or hours on comparison sites, Dashly users get personalized deals and clear information – automatically.

Pretty good, right?

Feelings of financial instability is one of the greatest factors influencing poor work performance, personal stress, and lowered productivity in a company. With Wagestream, companies are able to significantly reduce this feeling of instability by implementing a system that works seamlessly with a company’s current payroll structure.

Wagestream enables employees to access their earnings in real time, as their paycheck is earned. This way, when an unexpected expense arises, employees using Wagestream can withdraw their own money to cover the expense, instead of being forced to wait for the monthly paycheck or borrow money. With a safety-net percentage of money able to be withdrawn from a single paycheck and an effortless accounting-approval system, employees can feel financially secure the entire month – not just on payday. This allows employees to focus on their work and worry less about their finances.

Assessing a potential borrower’s realistic financial prospects is a complex process for financial advisors, dependent not only on things like credit scores and assets, but even their monthly income, daily expenditures, and long-term personal financial goals. However, these are aspects of a client’s financial life that their advisors rarely see, which can lead to unintentionally misguided, over-generalized, or unrealistic recommendations. Castlight remedies these situations by enabling customers to share real-time financial details with their advisors through the Affordability Passport, allowing their lending advisors to assess their customer’s finances holistically and provide better insights and evaluations.