Launching FFG: Improving the Market for People

There is a revolution taking place in the financial market. It is high-tech and automated, and – increasingly – socially-conscious. Rather than focusing on services that simply improve their customer service, the companies joining this revolution are truly customer-centric, tailoring their services so that customers can achieve financial health in the midst of economic uncertainty. The questions arising from Brexit make the the pursuit of financial health especially pertinent for Brits, who are facing an estimated rise in annual living costs in the very near future.

Social responsibility. Business transparency. Fintech innovation. These are the markers of Finance for Good, the dedicated collective of companies intent on improving financial literacy and easing the financial burdens faced by individuals through technological innovation in the financial sector.

Rather than exploiting this climate of wariness and uncertainty, certain businesses in the financial sector are seeking to bring simplicity, clarity, and measurable savings to anyone who deals with banks, brokers, or bosses. These companies believe that the impulse behind technological innovation in finance is not lining pockets or bolstering their bottom lines, but providing relief through financial literacy, technology, and partnership. By encouraging meeting, partnering, and innovating, member-partners of Finance for Good are not competing – they are creating a new standard in the financial sector in which businesses create financial products for customers, rather than customers attempting to mold their circumstances to a limited range of options that may – or may not – work for them in the financial longterm.

These are the markers of the new way of doing business that ensures consumers are not sacrificed to the profit margin of whatever bank, institution, or company they’re trusting with their financial prospects. Whether a customer is seeking to borrow money, optimise their mortgage, or simply have a financial buffer that enables them to take care of emergencies between paydays, these businesses are intent on helping people make informed decisions that improve their financial stability with every pound spent or saved.

This is what Finance for Good is all about – connecting the businesses that provide customers with the resources they need to make informed decisions about their money and assets. The financial market is blooming with companies run by people who care, not only about customers, but about the environment, social justice, wage gaps, and a whole host of other issues that inform their decisions on innovation and business. In return, these businesses succeed because over and over again, the upcoming generation of investors and homeowners prefer to place their money in ventures that prioritise humanity rather than capitalist gain.

We’re excited to launch our web app, where innovative new companies can learn about other businesses that approach fintech, social responsibility, financial literacy, and education in the same way. They can become a member of an organization where like-minded business folks work towards the same goals for their customers.

Finance for Good. A new – and better – way to to improve the world with compassion, knowledge, and fintech.