Creating a fairer world of finance

Finance For Good is a collective of socially-minded companies in the finance industry. #FFG

About us

Finance for Good is a collective of Fintech companies that cares about one question:

are we improving the financial health of everyday people?

All companies in Finance for Good excel in three areas:

  • Fintech innovation
  • Business transparency
  • Financial products that improve lives

Our Mission

"To help customers achieve
real financial health"
"To improve financial literacy
for a more equitable economy"
"To revolutionise
the financial market for good"



Dashly revolutionises mortgage-holders’ lives with always-on comparisons and deal delivery. Our innovative algorithms find mortgage deals to save people money based on their unique circumstances.

Learn more about Dashly

Wagestream eliminates the financial stress of waiting for payday by allowing employees to access their earned wages whenever they need - with a responsible safety net limit.

Learn more about Wagestream

Castlight’s Affordability Passport® is a unique web-based technology which provides financial service providers with a secure platform through which customers can share a real-time picture of their income, expenditure & financial capability to make fully informed credit and lending decisions.

Learn more about Castlight


Our committee is composed of independent individuals who assess potential FFG members for adherence to FFG’s mission and philosophies. The committee is responsible for admission and governance of member businesses as part of FFG.


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Not every new financial product is going to be a viral game-changer in the world of finance. Not every company can make the most innovative apps, save customers the most money, or completely eliminate a financial risk. However, FFG isn’t about measuring who is the best, or most creative, or most talked-about by investors. Our collective is only interested in one question:

Does it do good?