Our vision

We want to demystify finances for those who desire clarity and positivity in their bank accounts, promote financial literacy through education, and save customers money through fintech innovations. The overwhelming variety of financial products and dense information available to customers today means that simplicity and consumer care are more important than ever.

We aim to create a collaborative, financial-social effort to prioritise financial literacy, business transparency, user-friendly products, accessible financial information, and fintech information - all of which will highlight customer gain over company profits and market share value.

Mission goals

To help

customers always be financially informed

To responsibly innovate

in finance and technology

To provide

high-quality, customer-centered FinTech services

To maintain

clarity and good business practice in all deals

To remain

receptive, respectful, and transparent in services

What are we working on?

We’re targeting poverty through programs to increase financial literacy. We believe helping others make informed financial decisions benefits everyone.

FFG members actively innovate in technology and offered services to help people save money and live better lives through improved financial options

Financial education is key to helping consumers of every age make wiser money decisions for the rest of their lives.

Actively partnering with other socially-responsible fintech companies means better business practices and more creative solutions for all.

Members of FFG pursue a holistic approach to financial health. We consider fintech innovation and financial literacy and as the surest ways to stabilize both individuals and the wider economy, while encouraging transparency and simplicity in financial institutions nationwide.